This Is Smoov...LOl Nawh Das Mukey.!


If i was a female.
My body😚
Yesz bitch Yesz

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Chilling w/Bro
Trade or Nawhh…

Look up into the eyes of you Destiny!

Spaghetti (at Figs Restaurant)

Waiting to board my dads private jet! Lol (at LaGuardia Airport (LGA))

Omw back (at LaGuardia Airport (LGA))

Time square!

Look up!
Omw to get coffee and donuts (at Starbucks)

This nigga fell asleep on the Subway heading to The Bronx (at MTA Subway - 96th St (1/2/3))

Good morning (at 50 West 97th Street)

Repost but I need this in this club!
My gawd! (at Equinox)

Location location!
(at Equinox)

These niggas know to club (at Equinox)

Check that location.

Like really tell me! (at Days Inn)

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